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Our Company Safety Policy

STAR OF KINGDOM CONTRACTING SERVICES CO. LTD. became involved with the Oil & Gas Industry in Saudi Arabia in 1993 and has become synonymous with protective coatings for pressure vessels, tanks, columns, off-shore oil rigs, reactors & evaporators of desalinations plants, pipe lines and structural.

SKS Define the following goals to the fulfillment of their committed obligations:

  • All Management decisions shall accord top priority for Safety and Health and to prevent accidents & incidents, which may lead to injury to any person and / or damage to properties belonging to the company, SKS’s clients & third parties, and the environment
  • At all project sites, S.K.S shall introduce, implement, support and maintain a “Safety Organizational Structure” wherein all individuals assume appropriate authority and direct responsibility with a firm and aggressive commitment to Safety at all times and activities.
  • We shall provide appropriate mechanical and physical safeguards at all work spots. The management shall conduct periodic and regular intervals of the Training & Safety Awareness Programs to promote proper attitude and aptitude to spontaneously recognize and identify potential health hazards associated with every activity in day to day work in which the employees can effectively take the proper steps in eliminating and identifying the unsafe working conditions or practices
  • We shall arrange to issue documents containing detailed instructions and procedures on “Safe Working Practices”. Operating Procedures for specialized equipment shall include instructions on particular hazards pertaining to the operation of the particular equipment and Work Procedures for specialized process shall include instructions on particular hazards pertaining to the particular process
  • We shall continuously develop safety and health policies & rules. Ensure that employees must cooperate and follow the Company Safety Policies & procedures as a condition on employment. S.K.S shall conduct monthly and periodic audit and inspection and documentation in assessing the condition of all tools, machineries and vehicles and maintain all the requirements.
  • We shall assess the workplace to determine the hazards present that require the Personal Protective Equipment for the specific job of the employees involved. Impart instructions for effective use & care of the same, and as appropriate to their assigned duties and working environment.
  • Our Safety manual is prepared and updated regularly, wherein the above objectives are expanded into policies and procedures in practical terms and from the feedback from employees & clients as well as experience & knowledge gained from various investigation reports.
  • We shall endeavor to comply with international local and clients rules & regulations pertaining to classification, certification and operation of equipment, tools, vehicles and employees.
  • We shall investigate promptly and thoroughly all accidents, incidents including “near miss” incidents to learn the root-cause, so that effective and appropriate steps can be taken and guidelines / instructions are given for prevention and avoiding recurrence

Our Company Quality Policy

STAR OF KINGDOM CONTRACTING SERVICES CO. LTD. management acknowledges their responsibility in providing a safe working environment to all the employees involved at Job sites. Ensure the healthy living conditions for their employees at their camps, strict observation to individual and group safety norms. The management must strictly enforce, implement the Safety rules and regulations in compliance to company’s Client’s, National and International standards

STAR OF KINGDOM CONTRACTING SERVICES CO. LTD. is committed to provide its customers with the highest attainable levels of product quality and integrity in accordance with Client’s specified and contractual requirements

  • Our main aspect of rendering services by carrying abrasive blasting and painting; we adhere to quality standards keeping in view that the quality of the work should be the best and to the utmost satisfaction of the Client.
  • This involve to have meeting with the Client to know, the requirements, test standard and documents to be submitted, also the interval period required for inspection after completion of every stage of work.
  • Quality Control is rigidly enforced to assure compliance with the customer specification and accepted international quality standards. Every activity is monitored by a team of well-equipped, qualified quality control inspectors to provide continuous testing of coating materials and coated items at all stages or production
  • Quality services department is an independent organization providing a full array of quality support systems to assure the full compliance with Client specifications and approved quality procedure. These systems include quality engineering, quality control, measuring & test equipment program, quality records and quality training.
  • To ensure the continuous development, periodical review of our quality policy with utmost care and attention. As a function of quality control, the inspection testing effort is supported by qualified personnel in the areas of Coating, Testing, Welding and Fit-up.
  • We have been able to achieve good results with regard to quality control aspect and rework is keep at absolute minimum. Our Quality Manual & Procedures has been implemented

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